Talk.Period and Stop taxing our period. Period  have joined forces to come together to protest against menstrual taboos! 

Please download #talkPeriod MASK-2

Currently, those who menstruate are taxed on each and every sanitary item that they purchase (including tampons, pads and menstrual cups amongst other products). David Cameron accepted that removing sanitary tax will be “very difficult to do” before the election. Nonetheless he promised to “go away and have a look and come back to you”. Well Mr Cameron, now that you are in power with a majority government, it’s time for a response.

As part of the outrageous taxing of our sanitary products, we also want to raise awareness and protest against the challenges women and girls face around the world. talk.Period hopes to break the taboo around menstrual hygiene by bringing men and women together to talk about, and debate our menstrual health, its impact on our planet, and the experience of menstruation worldwide.

Starting @ The Bearpit at 2pm on Saturday 23rd May 

we will move through the city to landmark locations before finally reaching Castle Park for the final rally

This is a protest with a twist! 

We want lots of chanting, noise, volume from you all – we encourage you all to bring whistles, drums, megaphones anything you have to make some NOISE…BUT whilst we want this to be a physical and verbal presence of a protest, we want it to to coincide with a visual representation in form of a sort of flash mob, where at small intervals, our large crowd will fall SILENT, emphasising societies silence on the taboos surrounding menstruation. Artist Jorden Williams will instruct us as a crowd to come together at these specific times, place mask over our faces and fall silent for a minute; we’ll then be instructed to remove our masks and the protest/chanting continues on…

For further instructions and the talk.Period mask – please download #talkPeriod MASK-2

This entire sequence will be filmed to create one large film piece the screening will take place as part of our  talk.period event in Bristol on Menstrual Hygiene Day, Thursday 28th May in Bristol. As part of a panel debate with Laura Coryton and hosted by Rose George of the Guardian.

Tickets available here 

So lets come together and send a powerful message straight to Westminster. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU THERE!

This event is supported by



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