It’s that time of the month to ‘talk.Period’

Periods. Menstruation. Half the world menstruates yet we never talk about it. ‘talk.Period’ aims to get the Bristol public actually discussing this global taboo. This Menstrual Hygiene day, Thursday 28th May, brings together leading experts to talk.Period. Rose George from the Guardian is joined by other high-level panelists:  Val Thompson from Women’s Night Shelter Bristol, Dr Josie Reynolds, UK Research Coordinator at Irise international and Honorary Research Fellow of University of Sheffield; Cassandra Cardiff, at OxPolicy who’s background in is anthropology and international Development to discuss all things menstruation from menstrual waste to poverty and tampon tax.

talk.Period hopes to break the taboo around menstrual hygiene by bringing men and women together to talk about, and debate our menstrual health, its impact on our planet, and the experience of menstruation worldwide. Sponsored and co-organised by Grace & Green and No More Taboo, the all day activities will include discussions around the products currently available to women and girls, stories of how different countries practice menstruation, and a variety of stalls, displays and information.

In the evening, there will be a free screening of the film ‘Menstrual Man’, the inspiring true story of Arunachalam Muruganantham, an unlikely hero who stood up for India’s unheard.

Followed by a discussion and debate on:

  • Menstrual waste: a mountain in the making.
  • Homelessness: poverty and periods.
  • The period tax: why are we still charged 5% VAT?Are tampons a luxury?

And an evenings entertainment including poetry from Birmingham Poet Laureate finalist 2014/15: Jasmine Gardosi!

What else is happening?

In the lead up to the event there was a talk.Period Stop Taxing Our Periods. Period flash mob held on the Saturday, 23rd of May.

Currently, those who menstruate are taxed on each and every sanitary item that they purchase. In response to this, a Bristol-based flash mob was organised with a creative twist –  with local artist Jorden Williams heading up a visual representation that aimed to send a powerful message straight to Westminster.

Photos from the demonstration here

Facebook campaign

All genders welcome!

#talkPeriod #EndTamponTax #Grace_And_Green #NoMoreTaboo


This event is brought to you by:

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